Eye Massager Electric

Eye Massager Electric for Reduce Dark Circles, Heat/Music and Air Compression Three Modes Eye Care Improve Sleeping

SELECTIVE MUSIC (SUPPORT DOWNLOAD): You can download and delete songs through data lines. Built-in Speaker providing soothing music, when you are in public, you can use headphones. GENTLE VIBRATION /AIR AND HEATING: Tender vibrating power protect your eye muscle from hurting when you enjoy air pressure massage, and gentle heat compression to increase eyes’ blood circulation. Tired and dry eye relief. SLEEPING MODE: This eye care machine will massage the eye area, it releases pressure and air, then relieve eye soreness, eyestrain and reduce puffiness. You can use it before bedtime for 15 minutes(default time setting), it helps with your sleep. 180 DEGREE FOLDABLE / ADJUSTABLE BAND: 180 degrees adjustable, fits most kinds of face shapes and also fits different head circumference by adjusting the elastic band. Foldable make it easy to carry on no matter you are home, office or traveling. Just enjoy it anywhere. RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE: This eye massager with cordless design. Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging for maximum portability, full charge about 3.5 hours (during the charge the product will stop working).    Well, for me I was a little disappointed. Not what I was expecting. I thought I’d get a finger-like massage. But it’s more like pressure on and off. The part that lays on your eyes in vinyl or that kind of material. I didn’t like that. At least something soft that is touching my eyelids would be nice. It’s a little annoying hearing the device upload pressure and then releasing pressure.  Not relaxing at all. The music not my cup of tea. But no big deal. I have a sound machine that’s pretty sweet. Or I just have satellite music on my TV. I really wanted to like this since I’ve wanted one for a year and a half. But I just didn’t like the pressure on and off aspect. If it could’ve just gave me a massage and not just pressure it would’ve been good. But this may be for you. Maybe the pressure would feel good to you. But I was looking for something else. Another thing while I’m talking about this. How the hell are you to use the controls when it’s on your face? You now have to memorize the buttons on the device to use it. And if you use the buttons before putting over your head and position over your eyes. You have this thing blowing up and going down while you are trying to get comfortable. Which then, the clocks ticking and you take away from your relax time because this has a timer. Watch Out for that charging port door. Man, I thought I broke mine on the first attempt to open it.  I gave it 4 stars still, It was not what I wanted. But it’s a good product and well built. But not for me.  https://www.amazon.com/Massager-Electric-Circles-Compression-Sleeping/dp/B07BWLGXFW

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