Get your free fragrance.

Hey, get a free fragrance. I’ve been using
Scentbox for a while now. One of the things
I like it that I get a new case (well 2 cause
I’m signed up for the 2 a month plan) every month in different colors each month. Unlike the other monthly perfume box. Which only gives you one case then send you just the bottle every month.
I’m digging it. I love getting perfume every month. OHHH also you don’t have to wait, like the other box where you pay at the beginning of the month and it’s not shipped till the 15th then you get it sometime. With You pay
around the 30th of the month you have to the 5th
I believe to make your perfume selection. And you
get your scent around the 10th. Not bad if you make your final decision on the 5th and get your perfume on the 10th. Try it out. I like it. OHHH
One More Thing. They now have if you don’t like the scent you picked. You can return it for a replacement. NOW! That’s Cool.

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