ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

I have like three pairs of gaming headphones. I have one pair that just kept pissing me off because I use my headphones for voice to text and it would just mess everything up. So I was like I got to get another pair of headphones with a mic.  I have another pair of  ONIKUMA headphones and they’re so comfortable.  They work pretty decently. They’re actually a gift and I was just borrowing and trying them out see how they sound and worked to see if I wanted to invest in a pair for myself. I came across this pair and as of right now I am actually using the mic to write this review. And, while I’m jamming out to music in the earpieces. I can barely hear myself talk and I’m probably talking loud as hell. lol but so far so good.  I’m really digging it because usually, I’ve had to fix a bunch of words and so far I’ve only got a couple to fix.  Now as in sound, sounds pretty good the headset itself is bulky. My son tried them out for a few days on his Xbox and he had no problems. But he did also state that they were bulky. I think they could use more bass. It does have lights but I’m like, you can’t see lights on the side of your head. Unless you’re looking in the mirror, a Youtuber or you just want your friends that are over to see your cool light up headphones. So not important to me. Now in most light up gaming headphones, the only way to get them to light up is to use the USB. And most of the headphones on the market (Amazon) state Xbox, PS4 etc. Well, none of these controllers have a USB port to light up the headphones. The console itself has a USB.  But if you are using wireless controller your not going to be right up on your console. Bummer Yeah! So then you just have a wire hanging there. This set the USB wire that would hang is not that bad.  It has a nice nylon covered wire.  It doesn’t affect the mic or sound if this isn’t plugged in. It has volume control and an on/off switch for the mic on the nylon wire. The Gaming Headset, ONIKUMA Comfortable Stereo Gaming Over-Ear Headphone Headset Headband Mic for me, did exactly what I wanted it to do.  And I’m very satisfied with this purchase. Believe me, if they would have not been able to recognize the words coming out of my mouth this whole review could’ve been different. And getting to jamm out at the same time was a PLUS. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #YCCSKY


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