Car Vacuum Cleaner. I love this thing but…

You know every time I love something there’s got to be a but…  Now as with hurricane Florence finally getting through I finally was able to make it down to the car plugged this baby in. I tried all the attachments and they all work great I used the brush first basically did some dusting.  Then tried other attachments.  One is long so you can get into narrow and thin parts of the car getting into the grooves.  And that works really good the creases of the seat.  This vacuum comes with a light on it. Which brings me to the next issue didn’t pay attention before trying to find the power button.  The buttons are not English assuming it’s Chinese, not sure.  No big deal two buttons, pressed one light turns, press other vacuum turns on, easy peasy.  It worked great but… also trying to do this at night.  Light is on the vacuum not much help if it doesn’t work while the vacuum is running.  So I had to turn off the vacuum to turn on the light.  Turn on the light, vacuum goes off.  The cord from the vacuum to your lighter is very thick and sturdy compared to from what I’m used to other lighter plugins especially with devices being really thin and flimsy and eventually fraying.  The lighter plug itself was nice it wasn’t one of those lighter plugs that you plug-in and it pops right back up because of the springs making the electrical connection are so wide. So this one fit really well.  It comes with a filter already installed in it.  You actually get another extra filter which is cool.  It also comes in its own little carrying bag.  Which I thought was actually even cooler because it was in the box ( thought I was going have to keep in box) and then all the sudden you pull a bag out. Now you can keep your pieces together in your car and you don’t have pieces flying everywhere in your trunk.  So it’s nice to have the bag. Okay, you ready for the downfall.  Do not,  if you vacuum your floorboards first and then try to vacuum any other part of your car tilt back and forth with the vacuum.  Or stop and point downwards.  Dirt will come back out through the hole and don’t be like me showing it off to your husband and showing him the filter and all the dirt you just pulled out of his car comes out of the hole all over him after he just got out the shower onto the couch.  Mistake number one, Not for me I do crap like that all the time, for the vacuum. I still love it, think that there’s a flaw where the dirt comes out the hole. You can’t vacuum stop, then vacuum and then toss it around going from one side to the other side the car. You need to keep a steady sucking going on. lol.  I still like it and that’s why I gave it 5 stars.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #isYoung

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