Multi Outlet Wall Mount Adapter Surge Protector with 3 USB Charging Ports

When it comes to the KPSTEK Multi-Outlet Wall Mount Adapter Surge Protector with 3 USB Charging Ports there’s not much to write about. Yeah, It plugs into the socket and I’m done and now I got more plug holes. LOL, But, this is so much cooler because its a surge protector without the cord. Which I needed in my bathroom in my apartment. I mean why is there only one plug in the bathroom. I’m used to at least there being two. One near the sink and one on the exterior wall joined to the hallway or another room. Or, it could be near or under your toilet. Why, I don’t know…ask your electrician. HaHa… that’s funny cause I’ve seen it.

The wall tap plug features 6 surge-protected outlets and 3 USB ports. The USB was a bonus because I have beauty devices that charge with USB (or plug). Now I can have three of my devices charging at the same time on the counter. To me, I can now display my devices (to myself) and not have to have them plugged up it different parts of the house. Which now make them easily accessible. I can use my devices and then put them back to charge all without taking a step.

I have an electric fireplace in my bathroom. I was using this three socket adapter and notice problems. My plug is a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. And they are designed to prevent electrical accidents. Different from a fuse, which is designed to prevent electrical fires, GFCI outlets are designed to prevent injury from electrical shock. Well, I was hoping that this would resolve my issue. I can say I’ve not seen a problem yet. But, it a surge protector not an electrical shock protector. It is fire-resistant poly-carbon material and high-quality component can improve product durability and safety, these protect from an electrical short circuit, overheat (fire-resistant 1380℉) and overcharging.

I like it and really dig having the USB plugs in the bathroom. I went from two plugs to six plugs plus three USB which basically makes it nine plugs. Pretty Sweet.

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ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

I have like three pairs of gaming headphones. I have one pair that just kept pissing me off because I use my headphones for voice to text and it would just mess everything up. So I was like I got to get another pair of headphones with a mic.  I have another pair of  ONIKUMA headphones and they’re so comfortable.  They work pretty decently. They’re actually a gift and I was just borrowing and trying them out see how they sound and worked to see if I wanted to invest in a pair for myself. I came across this pair and as of right now I am actually using the mic to write this review. And, while I’m jamming out to music in the earpieces. I can barely hear myself talk and I’m probably talking loud as hell. lol but so far so good.  I’m really digging it because usually, I’ve had to fix a bunch of words and so far I’ve only got a couple to fix.  Now as in sound, sounds pretty good the headset itself is bulky. My son tried them out for a few days on his Xbox and he had no problems. But he did also state that they were bulky. I think they could use more bass. It does have lights but I’m like, you can’t see lights on the side of your head. Unless you’re looking in the mirror, a Youtuber or you just want your friends that are over to see your cool light up headphones. So not important to me. Now in most light up gaming headphones, the only way to get them to light up is to use the USB. And most of the headphones on the market (Amazon) state Xbox, PS4 etc. Well, none of these controllers have a USB port to light up the headphones. The console itself has a USB.  But if you are using wireless controller your not going to be right up on your console. Bummer Yeah! So then you just have a wire hanging there. This set the USB wire that would hang is not that bad.  It has a nice nylon covered wire.  It doesn’t affect the mic or sound if this isn’t plugged in. It has volume control and an on/off switch for the mic on the nylon wire. The Gaming Headset, ONIKUMA Comfortable Stereo Gaming Over-Ear Headphone Headset Headband Mic for me, did exactly what I wanted it to do.  And I’m very satisfied with this purchase. Believe me, if they would have not been able to recognize the words coming out of my mouth this whole review could’ve been different. And getting to jamm out at the same time was a PLUS. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #YCCSKY

Nuheby Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Pet Food Feeder Water Bowl (Medium)

Of course, here I go again with “I like/love But…”  These stainless steel pet food/water bowls. Umm, let’s talk about stainless steel for a sec. Stainless steels are a very broad group of metals. The name was adopted as a generic term for steel alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The chromium gives the steel its ‘stainless’ properties – essentially corrosion resistance. On the surface of the metal, a very thin chromium-rich oxide layer is formed which is inert – i.e. it prevents the steel from rusting. The advantage of stainless steels over plated steels is that, if scratched or damaged, the steel will ‘self-repair’ as a new oxide layer is formed. In plated steels, scratches in the plate will often lead to corrosion of the steel underneath.

These bowls are magnetic. So let’s talk about this.  There is a myth in the stainless steel industry that stainless steel is not magnetic. Or that if it is magnetic, the stainless steel is not stainless. The magnetism myth is because the common magnetic grades of stainless steel, 409 and 430, don’t resist corrosion as well as the common non-magnetic grades 304 and 316. So the Common non-magnetic stainless steels have better corrosion resistance than the common magnetic grades because they have more chromium and molybdenum.

So, will Nuheby Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Pet Food Feeder Water Bowl rust. Only time will tell. But with the science behind it, I’m expecting it. I still do like them. My dog is so picky. Way beyond picky and I thought a new bowl would work. And it did for two days. Not the bowl’s fault. Now let us talk about the “rubber ring on the bottom, it won’t be skidded. So your dog could enjoy his food comfortably. This slip-resistant rubber base also helps protect bare and hardwood floors from damage.” Well, that bowl slides everywhere. My dog likes to push his bowl and treats. And this one slides. Good thing tho he can’t tip it over because of the shape. The rubber seal comes off easily. So when you clean make sure to dry all parts before putting the seal back on. It states it’s dishwasher safe but I’ve not tried that. I usually just hand wash and dry. It’s a very light weighted bowl. Made for inside and outside use. So far I’m happy with my purchase but I’ll come back and update if I see any changes in the product quality.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Nuheby

Car Vacuum Cleaner. I love this thing but…

You know every time I love something there’s got to be a but…  Now as with hurricane Florence finally getting through I finally was able to make it down to the car plugged this baby in. I tried all the attachments and they all work great I used the brush first basically did some dusting.  Then tried other attachments.  One is long so you can get into narrow and thin parts of the car getting into the grooves.  And that works really good the creases of the seat.  This vacuum comes with a light on it. Which brings me to the next issue didn’t pay attention before trying to find the power button.  The buttons are not English assuming it’s Chinese, not sure.  No big deal two buttons, pressed one light turns, press other vacuum turns on, easy peasy.  It worked great but… also trying to do this at night.  Light is on the vacuum not much help if it doesn’t work while the vacuum is running.  So I had to turn off the vacuum to turn on the light.  Turn on the light, vacuum goes off.  The cord from the vacuum to your lighter is very thick and sturdy compared to from what I’m used to other lighter plugins especially with devices being really thin and flimsy and eventually fraying.  The lighter plug itself was nice it wasn’t one of those lighter plugs that you plug-in and it pops right back up because of the springs making the electrical connection are so wide. So this one fit really well.  It comes with a filter already installed in it.  You actually get another extra filter which is cool.  It also comes in its own little carrying bag.  Which I thought was actually even cooler because it was in the box ( thought I was going have to keep in box) and then all the sudden you pull a bag out. Now you can keep your pieces together in your car and you don’t have pieces flying everywhere in your trunk.  So it’s nice to have the bag. Okay, you ready for the downfall.  Do not,  if you vacuum your floorboards first and then try to vacuum any other part of your car tilt back and forth with the vacuum.  Or stop and point downwards.  Dirt will come back out through the hole and don’t be like me showing it off to your husband and showing him the filter and all the dirt you just pulled out of his car comes out of the hole all over him after he just got out the shower onto the couch.  Mistake number one, Not for me I do crap like that all the time, for the vacuum. I still love it, think that there’s a flaw where the dirt comes out the hole. You can’t vacuum stop, then vacuum and then toss it around going from one side to the other side the car. You need to keep a steady sucking going on. lol.  I still like it and that’s why I gave it 5 stars.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #isYoung

If you like Roses then this is for you.

I have written about this product before. This is a different design. If you like Roses then this is for you. The case fits perfect without any slipping. It has a magnetic closer so when you flip the lid to close, it connects and will stay closed. This will also work with wakes/sleep feature. When the lid is opened and closed. It has a microfiber interior to protect your screen and keep it clean. Which for me I’ve already cracked my screen. It was so easy. All I did was… I had my tablet on the arm of my patio chair and as I stood up from sitting I put my hand right on top of my tablet. And that was all it took. I’ve never had a case before. I thought why do I need a case I’ll just put in on the table. Well, many dirty dusty months later. I was like, yeah I need a case. And really needed a stand that I could use for when I’m in the kitchen. I came across this case and it can be used as a stand. Great. Now here’s the problem I have. It works some of the time as a stand. Sometimes it just folds right down flat. It won’t keep the shape. But I’ve played with it a little bit and it seems to work about 95% of the time. I’ve tried to test this over and over and different time of the day and different days. And I’ve come to the conclusion that you just have to get it just right for it to stand. Besides that issue, it’s all around pretty good. I still like the artwork on this one and the leather feel and look. What I know now about having a case to protect your device and it’s a lot cuter than just my tablet. I would recommend a case. And this Dopup Fire case to me seems pretty good. Just don’t get discouraged if you can’t get it to be in a stand position. It works, just work with it. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Dopup


Compressed Facial Mask. Good idea But…

Well, I thought these were going to be pretty awesome. The package looks like a big bag of horse pills. You get a lot of these compressed masks. And if you’re looking for directions on this package I hope you can read the language. No instructions. Here are their instructions per Amazon: This is a dry compressed mask. It does not have the lotion, follow the below steps to DIY your mask
➧ Remove the cover, put the mask in a small bowl
➧ Immerse it with water or cosmetic facial care liquid until it spread to a piece of mask
➧ Well clean your face and unfold the soaked mask, apply it on your face
➧ Take it off in about 10-15 minutes

Now hence they said “water” and “it spread to a “piece” of mask.

Now if you are like me, you probably want to submerge the mask into your serum. Or apply your serum to the compressed mask and the mask soak up the serum. With the test I did, I was not impressed. As a reviewer, I had several bottles of hyaluronic acid. So I thought I’d try this and see how much is this thing going to take. I put in the little bowl and applied 4 to 6 dropper full to fully saturate the top of the compressed mask in the bowl provided. I waited 5 mins and still seen the serum on top. So I gave it another 5 mins and still the same. So then I’m like ok let it sit another ten. It finally looked like after this time of 20 mins that it has soaked in. Only to find out when I flipped the compressed mask over (it still at this time is a compressed circle) That it was dry in the middle. So now I apply More serum to the compressed mask. About 3 droppers full. And I waited. Now by this time, I think I just about used half a bottle of serum. And most of a women’s serum products aren’t cheap. I’d rather use the 2-3 at most on my fingertips to apply to my face. And use one of the facial devices I have to penetrate the serum. Instead of wasting the product. ( Yeah, they’re going to say: ” This let the product stay on your face and absorbs into your skin”  And I’m only stating from my experience. But they do state:  You need an additional facial product (such as egg, milk, syrup) when you use. (I have fixed their grammar in all statements). Now with my testing this product, From their list of items to soak mask.  Let’s see Egg that seem pretty thick. Better blend the hell out of it. and wait for an hour for it soak in the mask. And then the potential for Bacteria. Milk, Well, I can’t really argue that. Syrup. Now the definition of Syrup: a thick sticky solution, the concentrated juice of a fruit or plant, Pharmacology. a concentrated sugar solution that contains medication or flavoring. Now I can’t even get the serum to soak all way through. And they recommend egg and syrup.)           As I tried to open the mask it was still dry in the middle. So I added more serum to the open compressed mask trying to get serum in all the dry parts and let it sit once again. It was not what I was expecting in a face mask to put all this work and product into it.  I was so hoping this was going to be simple. Just add my product, Put on my face, Relax.  No!  So now I got to do another test. And really wasn’t wanting to put my $48 Lancome Toner on the line. But I had to see the absorbance of this mask. And the timing it was going to take and how long it lasted.  I added 1/2 tbsp of toner and it absorbed right away and I saw it puff a little. So I added another 1/2 tbsp and it got bigger.  By this time there was a tremendous difference from when I had applied serum to the compressed mask. With the toner being like water this mask absorbed it up. With the serum and it being of a thicker consistency, it doesn’t do well. Now with toner, it probably is going to evaporate before you put it on your face. The mask will still be damp but nothing I can see and feel that would actually be absorbed by your skin. I’ll still try different products and will update in the future if anything works. For now, I don’t see wasting your serums on this product. It’s just too compressed to absorb thick consistency products. Maybe on the outside, a little and you have to flip and add more product. But it just can’t penetrate the center. I really think this is a good idea. But it’s more for a water-like consistency product. You could always use 1/2 tbsp of toner (or water) to soften it up and squeeze it to get the excess out than apply your serum. Only thing I could think of to make these work, especially when you have a bag of 100pcs. I still gave it 3 stars because it’s a cool idea, just needs work. Maybe not so compressed. But for me, I was a little disappointed.   #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Yousha

Body Brush Dry Brushing Massager Bath Shower Back Spa Scrubber with 100% Natural Boar Bristles and Long Wood Handle. Nice, but a little harsh for me.

A lot can be said about the benefits of using a specially designed back scrubber instead of a standard bath brush or a sponge when taking a bath or a shower. Not only can such scrubber reach areas of your back a regular sponge simply wouldn’t, but it will do so while providing you with a therapeutic massage in the process. This one has massage nodes within the bristles. To me, the bristles were too harsh and couldn’t apply enough pressure to feel them. They do recommend as follow:

With the certain hardness, everyone has a different feeling to the bristles. We recommend that you soak with warm water for about 2 minutes to slightly soften it before use.

In that case, it does exfoliate, removes dead dry skin and if like me you’ll feel like it removed your skin. I was a little concerned about breaking the skin. with it feeling so rough and harsh. Which can let in more bacteria and maybe make you break out or who knows what. I intend to soak it and brush against my hand in hopes of wearing it down some. But everyone is different and this may work for you. I’m too sensitive for this one. Well, for now in hopes that it softens up. I still gave it 4 stars because it is pretty nice just those dang bristles.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. # Fun.U