I love this… Why haven’t I got one before now?



I’ve always wanted a bread machine as long as I can remember.  I Remember buying my stepmother one 20 years ago and I tend to always buy people stuff that I want but I would never by myself.  This time when the opportunity came around and I saw this I jumped on it and I’m so glad I did.  I was first presented with the top of the machine and a handle. Great, I can use this to pull it out of the box. Not really sure what the handle on the outside is for except for picking it up if you’re taking it outside the cabinet because the bread machine itself is very light it’s not heavy at all. I looked it up online I couldn’t find anything so I’m assuming that’s what the handle is for.  So my whole thing is when I bought this was I’m going to make dough and I wanted to make pizza dough I have done this by hand and with my $500 stand mixer and I just wasn’t satisfied so I went and got $15 double zero flour I got pizza crust flavoring just because of this machine and I was very satisfied with the outcome.   The booklet that comes with the machine tells you not to put your ingredients in the pan itself to have that pan outside of the machine so none of the ingredients or liquid will get down to the element and the working parts.  But if you look at most how-tos on YouTube you will see everybody put their ingredients into the pan in the machine.  I took the pan out and put my liquid in and then I put the pan back into the machine and then I incorporated my dry ingredients. I don’t see how you can put 4 cups of flour and liquid in a pan and then expect the machine to actually mix it correctly.  Doing it the way I did it,  it worked great the only downfall was the machine stop blending after a certain amount of time and it wasn’t restarting. But all I did was turn it off, reset it back to the correct program which was dough and started the whole process over again. And I just let it run the full cycle.  Which are an hour and a half and by the end, the dough had risen all the way to the top of the lid.  I was very satisfied with that I didn’t have to make a big mess with different bowls and damp towels and room temperature.  My crust came out better than anything I’ve made so far.  Now if it could spread the dough out for me I’d be in heaven.  But from me, Being a cook and baker this definitely takes the stress off of making dough and bread.  And it’s a must-have if that’s what you do a lot of.  And I would totally recommend it.  #RankBoosterReview ii.   #Sponsored iii. #HOPPIC


Great Toaster

I was looking around for a new toaster and came across this one. I was initially looking for a 4 slice toaster but figured might as well give it a try. I am so glad I did. This toaster is very easy to use and very easy to clean. It is hard to find a toaster that you can wipe clean with very little effort. I Love how it was the different toasting settings and also how wide the slots are. This made it a plus when trying to toast a bagel! This toaster is worth every penny. It comes in different colors too.

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